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Spanish for gringos

Many times you need to say a phrase in Spanish, but you don't know how to pronounce it. Just read the following and you are going to see how easy is to speak Spanish.

- Boy as n r = voy a cenar = I'm gonna have a dinner

- N L C John = en el sillón = on the armchair

- Be a hope and son = viejo panzón = fat old man

- Who and see to seek ago = Juancito se cagó = little John is a chicken things

- S toy tree stone = estoy tristón = I'm kind a sad

- Lost trap eat toss = los trapitos = the little rags

- Desk can saw = descanso = (you) rest

- As say toon as = aceitunas = olives

- The head the star mall less tan dough = deje de estar molestando = stop bugging me

- See eye = sí hay = yes, we have

- T n s free o ? = tienes frío = are you cold?

- T N S L P P B N T S O = tienes el pipí bien tieso = you have an erection

- Tell o boy ah in cruise tar = te lo voy a incrustar = I'm going to insert it in you

- Salt up Allah oh = Salta pa'l lado = get out of here

- Pull N toe; call Mao = pulento; calmao = be cool

- Contour mana = con tu hermana = I care very much about your sister